How are Clear Aligners Different from Traditional Braces?

Clear aligners straighten your teeth just as effectively as traditional metal braces, but using a modern approach that is best suited for an active and social lifestyle. The clear plastic aligners are virtually invisible and they are removable making oral home care easier during treatment. One major advantage of Invisalign is that these aligners are all removable so there is no limitation on what you can eat or drink, and brushing and flossing is much easier than it is with braces. The aligners are made of smooth plastic that is comfortable to wear. The convenience of clear aligners appeals to people in all stages of life. Enjoy the significant benefits of improving your smile with minimal impact on how you look and feel.
How Do Clear Aligners Work?

Clear aligners correct a wide variety of dental problems, including teeth that are gapped, spaced, or crowded. Aligner treatment begins with a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate and to answer all of your questions.  Dr. Lempert is a specially trained provider who will develop an individualized treatment plan for your best results.

Ready to get started?

Step 1. Virtual Consultation

Embark on your aligner journey today by visiting our website. Simply click the teledentistry option on the menu bar or click on the provided link here to initiate the process. Upon arriving at the teledentistry page, kindly proceed to Request a Grin Scope. This step will enable you to record videos of your teeth, which will then be evaluated by Dr. Lempert.

Following your virtual consultation, we will arrange an in-office appointment for the purpose of capturing photographs, x-rays, and digital impressions of your teeth, which will be used to generate a 3-dimensional image. Dr. Lempert will then develop a meticulous plan outlining the precise movements that your teeth will undergo to achieve your desired results, with a virtual representation of the anticipated final outcome. Your customized plan will entail the production of a set of personalized, clear aligners fabricated from a smooth, BPA-free, transparent plastic material designed to fit snugly over your teeth. These aligners are easily removable, allowing for effortless eating, drinking, and teeth cleaning. Initially, you will wear a prescribed set of aligners, progressing to a new aligner every 1-2 weeks as your teeth continue to shift into position. Throughout your treatment journey, Dr. Lempert will monitor your progress every 12-14 weeks, with many appointments conducted virtually. You will observe remarkable enhancements in the position of your teeth during this period.

What About Special Occasions or Playing Sports?

Clear aligners are designed to be removable and, therefore, convenient when you need to briefly take out your aligners for a special night or event. If you play a contact sport that requires a mouth guard, you can simply replace your aligners with the mouth guard while you play. If your contact sport does not need a mouth guard, an extra advantage to clear aligners is that it allows you to continue to wear your aligners without worrying about sharp brackets or wire ends cutting your mouth.

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